Scientific Coordinator

Eirini Leriou

Dr. Eirini Leriou was the Scientific Coordinator, Principal Investigator, and the Project Manager of the research project “C.W.-SMILE” that has been completed today.Dr. Leriou, before taking over as the Scientific Coordinator of the currently completed research project, had developed a firm interest in the child well-being. She was a new scientist, at the forefront of understanding and addressing the deterioration of child well-being in Greece, since the beginning of the crisis. Her academic work included presentations in Greek and international conferences and research publications in peer-reviewed journals, in the scientific fields of welfare, child poverty and quantitative methods.In conjunction with her above-mentioned experience, she had taught quantitative mathods, and welfare economics, at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the Hellenic Open University, the Panteion University of Athens, and the University of West Attica. Dr. Leriou was responsible for all stages of the project.  She was responsible for tasks such as, completing and perfecting the index of child well-being, developing a sampling methodology, preparing and processing anonymous questionnaires, designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research, organizing international conferences, drafting the deliverables of work packages, drafting a regional action plan, designing and implementing the website and the portal system, and drafting the final report.  At the same time, she was involved in the literature review, data collection and data analysis of the project.More information: and .